School Partnership Program

Let's collaborate together to equip the students in your school with relevant skills!

Become our school partner

We partner up with schools in marginalised areas in Indonesia to give MARKODING training program. Our programs will equip students with basic coding skills, self-study habit and online community support. Students will be exposed to opportunities to pursue careers in ICT industry.


Become our school partner

To become our school partner, your school needs to fulfil these requirements below.

Serves underprivileged youth

Your school must be a high school (SMA or SMK) served underprivileged students

Computer labs

Your school must have at least one computer lab with minimum requirements as facilities to conduct our training program

Internet connection

Your school must have a stable internet connection since most of our training required internet connection

Extracurricular/ After-school

Your school can allocate  MARKODING training program as an official extracurricular/ after-school training program

Ready to be a part of the solution?

Let's discuss further on how we can collaborate to equip your students with relevant skills!