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Markoding (‘Mari kita koding!’ or ‘Let’s learn coding!’) is an integrated online/offline community platform that introduces coding to underprivileged youth in Indonesia in a fun and simple way for free, using their available resources (smartphones and internet shops). By teaching them the fundamentals of programming, we can build a generation with relevant skills that meets future market’s demand.

Our Program

The 8 week program combines self-online study, offline group mentoring sessions, and gamification. By creating a profile on Markoding, they will have access to video lessons/tutorials, practice modules, ask help from a mentor, and make friends on the online community.

Get involved!

Find out how you can get involved in Markoding and fill out the form below.


If you are a community or organization that:
– serves underprivileged youth
– has consistent tutorial program
– consists of min. 10 students ages 13-18 y.o.
We’re excited to hear from you! Please drop us your community name and contact person.


If you’re a programmer and passionate about empowering disadvantaged youth with coding skills, we want to get you connected with us as mentors.  


Currently, we’re looking for partners for financial and curriculum development. Contact us, and we’ll be happy to send you more materials. 


If you have skills in photography, video editing, or writing, we need you! Drop us your contact and portfolio, we’ll get in touch with you.

We realize we cannot empower disadvantaged youth successfully by ourselves. We need your positivity and support! Follow us on Instagram, Twitter, and our Facebook page

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